The 3-Week Diet/Best Diet Lose Weight Fast

The 3-Week Diet

Latest figures from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 17% of teenagers and 38% of adults in America are obese. In fact, the American Journal of Public Health goes further to say that the obesity situation contributes up to 18% of deaths reported every year. There have been numerous attempts to curtail or prevent the situation, with close to $150 billion spent on obesity-related illnesses. With so much money involved, it is clear that no pharmaceutical company will ever come up with a permanent solution for obesity.

Currently, there are tons of diets and pills available on the market, claiming to assist in quick weight loss. Some people will even go to the extent of starving themselves, which is both ineffective and a health risk. When it comes to weight loss, it all boils down to basic nutrition knowledge, combined with a step by step fitness routine, designed by a qualified trainer. The good news is that you can get all these things in one package. This is where the 3 Week Diet Program comes in. In this 3 Week diet review, we will look at the program itself, how it works, what is included, and how you will benefit.

What is the 3 Week Diet Program?

The 3-week diet is a program designed by fitness specialist Brian Watt, to ensure a safe and quick weight loss. It focuses on two main important factors, which are highly ignored in other diet programs. They include a personalized plan based on an individual’s body type as well as cellular inflammation, which can lead to weight gain.

The truth is, everyone responds to food differently. That’s why a certain diet will work for one person, but it will not work on another individual even when living under the same roof. That’s why people keep shifting from one diet to the other, without achieving any effective weight loss. In the end, they quit altogether. According to Brian Watt, every individual’s body responds differently to food. Also, there is nothing like a universal diet plan. That’s why famous diets like Zone or Atkins have not been effective when it comes to effective weight loss and permanent results.

Every individual has the potential of losing weight and getting the shape they desire, regardless of their body type. When you feed your body what it requires, then you are aligning yourself with nature, instead of working against it. Once you do this, you can shed excess weight gradually. When you begin to eat body-specific and anti-inflammatory foods, you will begin to shed pounds like magic. The results are so magical that you would wish you had known about the trick earlier.

The good news is that the 3-week diet meal plan is not as restrictive or punishing as most tend to be. Also, they are flavorful and nutritious, unlike the tasteless, bland and often nutritionally-deficient diet plans recommended by most gurus. In a nutshell, this is one of the best diets when it comes to healthy and fast weight loss.

About the Author

Brian Flatt is a professional nutritionist and trainer, who operates his fitness and training center in Southern California, known as R.E.V fitness. As a renowned fitness instructor and trainer, he noticed that many of his clients were struggling with excess weight issues, despite all the hard work they were putting in while following famous diet plans.

Although some managed to shed a few pounds, the weight would always come back when they stopped working out. To help his clients, he started nutritional research, while reviewing as many diet plans as possible. He even bought the diet plans on the market, while combining them with fitness videos and routines available.

After consulting medical researchers and professional doctors, he realized that more than 90% of diet plans available don’t address individual needs. He, therefore, decided to provide his clients with custom-made diet menus for their specific body types. The results posted were amazing. Most of his clients lost an average of 23 pounds of excess weight, within three weeks.

With such remarkable success rate, he decided to reach out to more people, and help them just as he had done for his clients. Once he had perfected the system, he launched the 3 Weeks Diet Program. It features research, workout regimes, a motivational guide and a diet manual. With this program, you can lose tremendous amounts of excess fat and remain in shape your entire life.

The Phases of This Diet Program

Divided into four phases, the plan uses fat fasting and planned to fast, to enable your body get rid of toxins. It also breaks down key nutritional elements, while enhancing effective and safe weight loss. The system is easy to understand and follow. It is also portable, making it easy to carry it with you, wherever you go. The four phases of this diet plan include:

– Phase 1: Detox your liver in the first 7 days. This phase helps to eliminate all the toxins in the body before they build up. Brian recommends taking vitamin C, A, and D, for maximum results.

– Phase 2: On the 8th day, you should fast for 24 hours. After cleansing your body and getting rid of the toxins, you proceed to phase two. This phase allows your digestive system to rest while getting rid of any remaining toxins.

– Phase 3: Fat Fast Diet – Commencing on the 9th day, it lasts up to the 11th day. It allows you to continue cleansing your liver while getting rid of any remaining toxins in your system. During this phase, you also start burning excess fats stored in your hips and belly.

– Phase 4: Calorie restriction. Phase 4 lasts from the 12th day to day 21. In this phase, you will be eating foods designed for your unique BMR as well as your specific weight loss goals.


– Easy to follow

– Fast and healthy weight loss plan

– Personalized plan

– Results Driven

– Encourages healthy eating


– Requires dedication

– Only available as an eBook


If you are looking for an effective and healthy means of losing weight, then the 3-week diet meal plan is a great option. Just like any other weight loss program, you will require to put in effort and dedication, to see any results. Although you will not see changes overnight, by the end of the three weeks, you will have that shape you have always desired. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.